Having WiFi on the plane is no less than a luxury - after all, who doesn’t want to stay tuned with their family and friends on the ground when traveling in the air? Aeromexico Airlines WiFi lets you know what’s happening down there so you never lose ties with the world, even for a few hours.

The airline offers a seamless and enjoyable flight experience with its advanced WiFi and entertainment system. So, why wait? Check all the details about the airline’s WiFi here and spend some extra bucks to enjoy a wide range of entertainment in the air. Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Aeromexico Airlines Offer WiFi on Flights?

Gone are the days when in-flight WiFi used to be the luxury of premium airlines, as now, most low-cost airlines offer WiFi services to keep you connected. So, if you are flying with Aeromexico, then stay assured, as you’ll get uninterrupted services in the sky.

All you have to do is connect with the Aeromexico inflight WiFi, and you are good to go. The airline makes sure that you’ll get a strong connection through the flight. The WiFi allows passengers to have internet connectivity while traveling in a high-flying aircraft.

How to Connect with Aeromexico Airlines WiFi?

Wondering how to connect to Aeromexico WiFi? Follow the instructions below and establish a secure connection with the airline’s in-flight WiFi services. Read the details here.

  • Go to your device Settings.
  • Activate the Airplane Mode.
  • Open the WiFi tab and search for the available options.
  • Select “Aeromexico WiFi” from the list of networks and connect to it.
  • Once the connection is established, open the web browser and visit aeromexicowifi.com.
  • Select a WiFi plan based on your internet requirements.
  • Pay the required fee to complete the Aeromexico WiFi Connect process.

Please Note: Premier One travelers can enjoy unlimited WiFi for 2 hours to get in touch with their loved ones on the ground.

What are the Benefits of Aeromexico Airlines InFlight WiFi?

You must be wondering why you should spend extra bucks to buy WiFi on Aeromexico Airlines. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few advantages of connecting with the airline’s WiFi. Let’s have a closer look.

Uninterrupted Data Services

Aeromexico Airlines' in-flight WiFi offers strong and uninterrupted services so you can easily connect with your loved ones on the ground. Aeromexico WiFi Airlines allows you to send and receive messages, browse social media handles, and get emails to get in touch with your family and colleagues.

Variety of Plans

Getting internet on Aeromexico Airlines is no big deal, thanks to the multiple WiFi plans. Customers can choose the option that fits their pocket and budget. From simple browsing plans to streaming options, the airline offers everything to cater to your choices.

Wide Range of Entertainment

Aeromexico offers tons of inflight entertainment options, but all of them require a dedicated internet connection. So, what’s better than purchasing your desired plan to stay occupied during the journey?  The available entertainment options include movies, newspapers, magazines, animation series, and digital newspapers.

Understanding the Aeromexico WiFi Plan and Price

Now that you get the basics of Aeromexico WiFi and how to connect to the same, let’s compile the plans and packages offered by the airline. Subscribe to any of them and enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity above the cloud. Scroll down and find the details here.

1-Hour Data Plan

The simplest and the most cost-effective Aeromexico WiFi plan you can purchase is a 1-hour data plan. It is ideal for those traveling on short-haul flights and want internet connectivity for a limited duration.

The plan offers a 50MB data allowance, in which you can send and receive messages on board. You can join Aeromexico Airlines’ 1-hour data plan WiFi at just $11.95.

Whole Flight Data Plan

Looking for long-time internet access or have higher data needs? Get Aeromexico in flight WiFi at just $21.95 and enjoy 110MB of uninterrupted and fast data coverage. This plan ensures that you stay connected to your near and dear ones for an entire flight.

With the plan, you can not only send and receive messages but also browse the web, check emails, and even stream your favorite movies and series without worrying about exceeding the data limit. While Aeromexico WiFi Cost might seem a bit extra at first glance, this package offers great value for money for those who value internet connectivity.

Please note: These prices are dynamic, and the airline can change them anytime without prior notification. Also, you must talk to the airline’s representative if you seek an Aeromexico WiFi Refund when the service is no longer needed.

Summing Up

All in all, WiFi is an integral part of the airline’s in-flight these days, so you can expect fast and uninterrupted data coverage when flying on Aeromexico flights. The airline offers multiple plans to match the diverse needs of travelers. Still waiting? Select your desired plan and connect with the Aeromexico Airlines WiFi without breaking the bank. For plans and refund details, you can speak to the customer representative and avoid any unnecessary fuss on board.


Can I stream movies and series with Aeromexico's 1-hour Plan?

No. Since the 1-hour plan offers only 50MB data coverage, you cannot stream your favorite shows on board. It is ideal for browsing and sending messages only.

How Can I Pay for Aeromexico Airlines WiFi?

The airline accepts WiFi payment in multiple methods, including Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, and Electronic vouchers.