We, at AeromexicoFlyFare, have the sole motive to impart hassle-free and secure services that are tailored to your preferences. To fulfill this purpose, we collect your personal details/data and utilize it safely in accordance with the laws and regulations. With collection, usage, and disclosure of your data, we provide you top-rated services as per your requirements and budget.

Here, in this Privacy Policy, policy and responsibility that we have regarding the customer information collection and use are outlined for your reference. With your continued use of our services, you give your consent of reading this Privacy Policy well, being thorough with it, and also agree to it.

Customer Information We Collect

When you book your flight tickets or request for special services through our platform, your details are automatically collected. It includes your address, contact details, credit/debit card details, and travel information.

Your details are also required to meet your preferences. Moreover, your device information and other technical details are also needed while making reservations or other arrangements.

Information Use and Safety

With us, your personally identifiable information (herein referred to as information, personal information, or personal data) is in safe hands. We take first-class measures and follow the latest technical approaches to responsibly use and protect your personal details/data.

So, you can be assured of efficient services as we control and safeguard your data/details. Since at AeromexicoFlyFare, your privacy is respected, your personal particulars are used only for regulatory and business reasons.

Carefully check this Privacy Policy to use our website and services in the best way possible as you share your details required for bookings. By doing so, you imply that you have read, understood, and agree to our Privacy Policy. However, we keep amending our Privacy Policy as per your details collected, their use, handling and disclosure as mentioned.

Personal Details

We must have your personal data or information when you look forward to our services. This helps us meet your requirements better. Your personal particulars that we need include but are not limited to -

We might use your personal details to share our newsletters with you or update with any useful information. In case you don’t want to get our updates, unsubscribe from us easily.

Usage of Information/Data

Our team utilizes your personal data to fulfill your requirements and also to maintain as well as strengthen our relationship. Moreover, your information helps us address your requests and/or acknowledge/renew your membership, or as per our corporate travel programme or registered customers.

Your information is never used without your consent. We wish you on your special days and know how to provide you the service just as you want. The reasons for which we utilize your details are only -

Moreover, we use your details for our website and mobile app. Furthermore, your information is shared with your prior consent in accordance to the laws applicable for our sister company/subsidiaries, agents, and tie-ups.

Where Do We Share Your Personal Information?

We share your information only with our partners whom you have selected for a flight trip. Your ID proofs such as passport number or any other photo ID are used only when needed lawfully. At AeromexicoFlyFare, we verify individual identities so that fraudulent transactions or claims are avoided.

Our team is extra cautious with your ID proofs and ensures that it can't be collected or used and is accurately identified for an individual. Thereby, it ensures that no security risks are posed for them or us.

Data Security

We follow all the reasonable and legally smart processes to assure that your data is private and secured. With us, data transfer doesn’t take place without safety measures. However, we are not responsible for your information security as some external web terms of use might affect it.

For How Long Do We Retain Your Information?

We retain your personal details only till your purpose of sharing the same with us is fulfilled or as per the applicable laws of the region. Your information is also stored to resolve contractual disputes, if any.

In any other case, we permanently delete your data within the timeline as set by the law.

How to Proceed with Your Booking Formalities?

AeromexicoFlyFare doesn’t allow you to change your booking after it is done. If you have to do it, every modification/change is chargeable, which is determined by different factors. Remember the following pointers, however these are not limited to -

Safe Transactions

Ensure to complete the payment while booking. In other case, pay the minimum amount of the total cost. Before the payment due date, if you can’t pay the full amount, at least make a partial payment. It is a mandate.

If the payment fails, the supplier reserves the right to cancel your reservation. However, if you cancel the reservation made, the supplier might also charge you with cancellation charges. Bookings are held on behalf of the supplier, unless stated otherwise. The administrative charges of the trip are mentioned in USD.

We employ payment gateway processors (third-party gateways) for your payments and save your payment details in a segmented zone in an encrypted form. Your CVV details are never Your information is directly passed to third-party payment processors. They have their own privacy policies of using your personal information.

The Contract

Once your payment for the booking is successfully made, on your behalf, we get into a contract with the suppliers. The contract includes but is not limited to tour operators and hotels.

AeromexicoFlyFare is not responsible for any conduct, services, or actions of suppliers. It is thus of utmost importance to scan the terms and conditions that the supplier has shared to impart you a clear idea regarding the reservation and every piece of information that is related to it. Additionally, make sure that you have the copies of the documents required for your travel.

How Do We Send You Notification About Any Changes?

Our Privacy Policy undergoes required updates on a regular basis. Make sure to keep checking our website to know about the updated versions for your convenience.