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AeromexicoFlyFare doesn’t allow you to use the website or make bookings if you don’t agree with these terms and conditions. Please note that you must share each and every correspondence about the customer service of your booking with Aeromexico FlyTrip. Moreover, the website users must realize these along with any material provided to inform you about your booking completion.

Terms of Use

At AeromexicoFlyFare, customers are authorized to make use of the content published on its official website. However, the content usage is only for the purpose of information. The website doesn’t give you the permission to copy, modify, create derivative works from, transfer, sell, and showcase any piece of information obtained from it, be it in visual, print, or electronic form for any purpose whatsoever, or any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these conditions of use that are listed below -

  • Customers are strictly prohibited to -
    • resell the services provided on our website
    • use the website for false, fraudulent, or speculative reservation
  • Customers confirm that they have reached the legal age at which they are permitted to use the services offered on our website, and that they possess all the legal rights for any liability incurred as a result of the use of the services mentioned here.
  • Downloading, exporting, or re-exporting any software, material, or underlying information available through our website is strictly prohibited except with the written permission and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • AeromexicoFlyFare website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. Such hyperlinks are only for your reference. We don’t control such websites and are not responsible for the information they share or their content(s).
  • Customers agree that our website and its services are solely for personal and non-commercial use, unless otherwise allowed, and cannot be redistributed with anyone.
  • Customers are financially responsible for making use of the services listed here and safety of their login credentials.

Additionally, we don’t assure that any information, content, data, software, or other material that you access through our website will be free from bugs, trojan horses, viruses, or any other threat-posting component to your computer system.

Booking Tickets and Payment

When you are making a booking, be informed that you can’t change it later on, if you change your mind or in the light of any other circumstances. In case, you must modify your booking, it is subject to extra charges.

For booking, you have to verify your details such as -

  • Names of travelers and travel dates according to your respective passports
  • Authenticity of your hotel itinerary

During the reservation process, customers must pay the total booking price or they must pay a minimum amount to hold the booking. Please note that it is important to make partial payments before the scheduled date of the flight’s departure. The booking charges are in USD.

However, in the instance of any payment failure, your reservation is deemed canceled. The supplier can cost you a fee in accordance with their respective policy, in case you choose to cancel your reservation. Please take note that at AeromexicoFlyFare, we don’t represent or guarantee that the use of our website, going for an online booking through us, or making any third party payment will be completely uninterrupted or error-free.

Booking Confirmation

Once you have successfully made the payment for your booking, the supplier will send you a confirmation email for it on your email address that you have registered while booking your trip. The confirmation documentation shared with you contains name, address, and contact information of the principal/supplier to get in touch easily.

On receiving the documents related to your reservation, carefully check the details on these such as your travel dates, flight times, and your name. Make sure that every detail there is mentioned correctly.

For any modifications that you need to make, get in touch with us immediately. It is noteworthy that flight tickets are non-transferable unless otherwise specified. You are not allowed to exchange your tickets. For refund, check the respective policy and your eligibility criteria for it.

The Contract Terms

After we have received your booking amount, we share a contract with the supplier/principal on your behalf. Tour operators and hotels are included in the contract but the contract is not just limited to both of them.

AeromexicoFlyFare is not responsible for any sort of conduct/actions or services by the suppliers. You must read the terms and conditions carefully as the suppliers have shared and that mention the information details about the reservation.

Cancellation and Amendment

In case you have to reconsider your booking for cancellation or modification, you must request it in writing. The supplier might charge you a cancellation or modification fee if your booking change or cancellation is as per their set terms and conditions.

Additional taxes are also incurred at times. Before issuing or re-issuing your tickets to you, you will be notified about such taxes. Refunds/cancellations are not made by AeromexicoFlyFare or its principal/supplier. Please note that at times, you might have to pay 100% of the total ticket price as the charges levied by the supplier on your booking cancellation or modification.

Travel Documents Delivery

You get your documentation related to your booking on your registered address through regular postal service. Once the documents are dispatched, AeromexicoFlyFare is not liable for lost or damaged documents.

For loss of any documents, if you want to re-issue the same again, you have to bear the expenses incurred. However, if you wish to get your travel documents through any other mode, you have to pay extra for those.

Travel Insurance

You will come across suppliers who offer you to purchase travel insurance while booking your flight tickets with them. They put it forth as a condition to make reservations with them. The suppliers want to sell you their travel insurance that not only covers you but also your travel group or companions.

It is thus mandatory to check thoroughly with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or your local embassy prior to opting for travel insurance. If you have to revoke your flight ticket booking, you and your travel companion/group might be covered with the assistance cost, which includes repatriation. It is good in case of sickness, baggage or money loss, accident, etc.


We are always ready to assist you at AeromexicoFlyFare. If you need help with anything, share your feedback, request for it, or you can also register a complaint about it. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you just when you want. For more details, you can get in touch with our customer service representatives.

Whatever your questions, challenges, or concerns regarding your trip are , we redirect the same to the respective suppliers. However, immediately inform the supplier, local agent, or both if there is an issue during your trip. If you don’t comply with this approach, your chances to be addressed and get a solution for your challenges are narrowed down. In certain scenarios, you might get less refund and in some, no refund at all.