Sending your kid alone on the flight can be stressful; therefore, Aeromexico Airlines offers a dedicated unaccompanied minor policy to keep things hassle-free. Children between 5 and 14 years are eligible for this service and can travel on Aeromexico flights safely.

Feeling overwhelmed and wondering if your kid is in safe hands? Keep reading to get valuable insights into the airline’s UM policy, process, and fees.

How to Make Aeromexico Airlines Bookings for Unaccompanied Minors?

The airline offers multiple ways to book flight tickets for unaccompanied minors. You can use the customer service number or visit the airport ticket counter to get it done. Scroll down and have a closer look.

Booking Via Call Center

  • Call Aeromexico Airlines Customer Service Number at 1-800-237-6639
  • Speak to the airline’s professional.
  • Provide the essential details about the child and the trip.
  • Offer further documentation and fees involved in the process.
  • Get a confirmation mail from Aeromexico Airlines regarding flight reservations.

Request the Service at the Airport Ticket Counter

  • Passengers can request the unaccompanied minor service at the Aeromexico ticket counters.
  • visit the airport at least 3 hours before the departure and ask the agent about UM booking.
  • Please keep the necessary documentation handy and complete the paperwork in time.

What is Aeromexico Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Go through the key terms and conditions before making unaccompanied minors booking on Aeromexico flights. Here’s what you should know.

  • Aeromexico UM service applies to kids between 5 and 14 years flying alone.
  • Those flying alone with Aeromexico must arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the take-off to complete the check-in process.
  • Parents or guardians must remain at the origin airport until 15 minutes after take-off as a preventive measure.
  • Aeromexico Air Unaccompanied Minor cannot travel on the last flight of the day. However, the rule doesn’t apply where the night flight is the only option on the selected route.
  • AM Plus Seats are unavailable for those traveling as unaccompanied minors on the flight.
  • Those escorting or picking up the minor must have an official, valid ID, preferably a voting credential or passport.
  • Unaccompanied Minors are not eligible to take pets on board, except for emotional support animals, as long as the conditions are met.

Note: Please confirm the availability via the Aeromexico call center 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

What is Aeromexico Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee?

Be mindful that Aeromexico Airlines UM service is a paid facility, and parents/guardians must pay the Aeromexico Unaccompanied Minor Fee to seek personalized attention.

Flights in Mexico
  • High Season: $700 MXN
  • Low Season: $900 MXN
International Destinations
  • High Season: $155 USD/ EUR/ GBP
  • Low Season: $165 USD/ EUR/ GBP
Flights to/ from the United States
  • High Season: $155USD
  • Low Season: $165 USD

Summing Up

Sending your kids alone isn’t as easy as it may seem - after all, who wants to send their little cupcakes alone in the sky? But don’t worry, as long as your kids are traveling with Aeromexico Airlines. The air carrier prioritizes your children’s safety, making them feel comfortable amidst strangers. Do you need more assistance with the Aeromexico Unaccompanied Minor policy? Call us now and get immediate support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aeromexico allow Unaccompanied minors in Premier Class?

Yes. The airline allows unaccompanied minors in premium class, except for B737-800 (Y/186 and Y/189 configuration).

Can Unaccompanied Minors travel on connecting flights?

Unaccompanied minors can also travel on connection flights operated by Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect, Delta, and Delta Connection.

What are the required documents for Unaccompanied Minor Bookings?

The important documents are the UMNR form, Minor Exit Form, Notarized Document, and Passport/ valid ID of the parent/ guardian.